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How to look better on Zoom Calls

Now it’s 2021, and I want to point out there is an advantage of being on video calls with customers or your employees. The last few weeks, I have been on numerous team calls and customer calls, and it seems that people are either tired of being on video or never got used to it.

I am not all about changing who you are to look better on zoom. There are, however, a few tricks to enhance/make yourself more visible on camera for the viewer. Whether you are prepping for a large webinar, an interview or just day to day meetings, I believe these four tips can help you!

Four things to Keep in Mind on Zoom:


If you know anything about photography, lighting, I believe, is the one thing all photographers say is needed. I know if you plan any family photoshoots or headshot sessions, you are either surrounded by studio lighting, or the photographer needs natural sunlight to get a good shot. This goes the same for web conferencing. The most flattering light will be from in front of you and not from behind or an above spotlight.

Also, if you have three different light sources, this can make your appearance look unflattering. Stick to one source. If you have a bright enough window, turn off the light in your room until needed. I explain more in the video!


Angle!! This one is huge, especially when you are presenting or speaking at a meeting. If your webcam is currently stationed on your laptop, you should either center your laptop in the middle of your desk or sit in the center of the webcam when participating in online meetings.

The most flattering angle will always be front and centre and the camera higher than your head; as I was not blessed with an amazing pointed chin, I don’t feel comfortable with the double chin angle.

Dress Code

In early 2020, most people landed on wearing Pajamas or sweats to work. There is no problem with this, and who knows what type of bottoms I am wearing when filming this video. The point is, one day, when we do start to travel for work again, you still want to have some consistency with your brand. If you are more of a casual person, I would continue with that dress code. Just match what you would typically feel comfortable wearing to an office.


I was doing an interview recently, and one of the most awkward things for me was to see the candidate’s bed in the background. I know we are facing a pandemic, and most people don’t have the luxury of having a home office. In this case, I would utilize a virtual background to block out any intimate things that could be lurking in the background.

If you think this is not important, every single week, I have at least one person commenting on my background on how clean it is or asking what something is. Covid-19 has brought some intimacy in meetings for better or worse, so if you don’t want someone to see into that part of your life, clean it up.


Watch the end of this video for a bonus item on how to touch up your appearance on zoom.

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