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Essentials for Working Remotely

I have been working remotely now for over 2.5 years, with one day commuting to the office. I feel like I had a great set up before the pandemic, but I feel like now I have stepped my work from home game up! In a virtual world, these have certainly made my work life a lot better.

Keep in mind I am not sponsored or no company has paid me to recommend these products. Know that I work at Dell Technologies and some of the things I have were purchased directly from the online store.

Standing Desk:

Prior to the pandemic I purchased the Ergotron standing desk which presented a rather nice experience, I absolutely loved the keyboard spot and the quality of the product.

I used this for just over two years and the great thing about it, you can put it on any type of surface. Knowing this you can’t really move it around from the kitchen table or office. Once it’s there, it should only move if you are changing furniture…because it is insanely heavy! Another thing to add is they have significantly dropped in price since I purchased it!

Purchased Here: Ergotron Standing Desk

Now, just in the last two months, I have upgraded my office and now working with a different type of standing desk which, I just purchased the rising legs from Prime Cables Ergo. The great thing about this product is that you can put it on any type of table top. You just need to replace the legs. I absolutely love it. I have set up 3 different settings and the cable management is out of this world!

Purchased Here: Prime Cables Ergo Standing Desk

Speaker Phone:

I absolutely love my Plantronics headset; the sound quality is out of this world. I have used this for ages, and the battery life is incredible, but I don’t know about you. Now that I am taking all my meetings from home, I really love not having to wear my headset for 8 hours a day.

Last Black Friday, I was trying to decide if I would buy the Dell Mobile Adapter Speakerphone or something else. The deciding factor was that I don’t have a monitor, or I didn’t have a docking station at the time with a type-c port.

I decided on the ANKER Powerconf S3 Bluetooth speaker, and my biggest regret was not purchasing it sooner.

Purchased Here : Anker PowerConf

Laptop Riser:

I am not sure which year or generation I have. When our offices shut down, we were able to take some things from our desk home and I love the ergonomics of this one. It is at the right height. I would most likely take one that you can either rise or adjust but I lucked out and got a really good one for me. Thanks Dell!


Alright this is not an essential but now that I have it, I feel like it is, if it is within your budget.

I am soooo tired after work and in the winter months, I really don’t feel like being active or going outside when its dark. I purchased this early 2020 to walk and work at the same time! Especially if you are on long conference calls, forecasting or QBRs this is a great way to keep moving well sitting on those long calls. I probably walk about 2 hours a day and sometimes more if I am really feeling energized.

At the end of my workday I feel so productive that I got in my steps and helped all the customers we needed to at the same time! Highly recommend it!

Purchased Here: TR1200-DT3

Wacom Tablet

I purchased this tablet within the first few weeks of the pandemic. I am the person when I visit an office or I do a training, I absolutely love writing on a whiteboard, to get my point across. Especially in IT, customers love when we can draw out their data center and how the software integrates with it.

The awesome thing about this little tablet is the size and how it connects right away to work with zoom. I made a video HERE, to show you how I use it.

Purchased Here: Wacom Intuos USB Bluetooth

External Webcam

I purchased this about two years ago while working from home. I was tired of my customers viewing just the side of my head all the time. Buying an external camera not only helps your viewers see you on the right angle but typically if you have an older laptop or PC , the webcam quality is a lot better.

When it comes to brand there are loads of different webcam providers but hands down I am a massive fan of Logitech. Would actually be a dream to be sponsored by the company! Huge fan of all their products.

Purchased Here: Logitech Pro Webcam

Dell Docking station

Where are my cable management people at? I love a nicely organized desk and the Dell Docking station makes it super easy. I actually attach it to the bottom of my desk but I think it looks really nice sitting on the desk! It has multiple ports that are good for all types of monitors.

I especially love that the new one has a type C port that compliments some audio speakerphones and mobile devices.

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