I created Sales Spice in 2020 a month after the world was shut down. I was looking for an outlet for my creativity and passion for coaching/leading people.

Initially I wanted to create a space for new sales professionals entering the technology industry. Since then, Sale Spice has turned into much more than that. I talk all about career, working in Canada in the tech industry and how to optimize your work from home environment. 

Some Things About Me:

  • My family is the most essential part of my job; they will always come first, and we make career decisions as a family. Yes, I am a mother of two!
  • I grew up in Kitchener-Waterloo Area, moved to Toronto to start my career in technology, then moved to Switzerland for a few years and landed in Quebec, where I now reside.
  • As much as I love PC gaming and technology, I love nature and being outside in the dirt!