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Virtual Team Building Games & Activities

Alright, at this point, I imagine you are bored with the happy hours, the lunch breaks and the coffee breaks? To be honest, me too. I love getting together in a huddle with the team to talk about the week, but I feel I am really missing the team connection and bonding.

After participating in a few of these activities, I have come up with a list of things you can do with your team!


only some of these have been tested

Number 1: Brand Stories

Now, this is something that my current director has come up with. He first started by presenting his brand story and explained his journey from the beginning of his career to where he is now. Not only do you learn a lot about business, but you learn about your co-workers and what makes them unique. Everyone has a story and a different path. The point is to learn something that you can use in the future.

I recently shared my story with the team, and I thought this would be an easy task. It was hard talking in front of my peers about my career journey. It was nice to reflect on where I have been and where I want to go. Now I believe when we get in our team huddles, we will have even more to talk about because we are learning unique stories about each other.

Number 2: Show in Tell

Does anyone remember doing this activity in kindergarten?

I know what you are thinking; no one cares what you have sitting at home collecting dust. But…hear me out. When we have our team huddles, or work free conversation coffee breaks, sometimes it is just dead air or no, it’s the same topics every week, or it is that one person that talks every week.

If you put a theme that every huddle or coffee break, someone will share something special to them, whether a collection; could be your cool record collection, something you bought on a trip, a musical instrument, etc. This way, you take turns speaking during a video conference and getting the conversation going in that coffee break.

Number 3: Trivia Time!

This one is my absolute favourite! Every month, we set up an hour at the end of the day and play trivia with the team. Since it’s after work hours, we suggest everyone grab a snack or drink and get comfortable!

I have done this in the past by utilizing JackBox app either on IOS, Android, or PC via steam app. I believe you can also purchase the app on all gaming consoles.

If you are utilizing zoom here are the steps on how you would set this up:

Step 1: Download the app on your tablet or computer.
Step 2: Open up the Game
Step 3: Open up the zoom invite on your computer and tablet and join the conference as an additional attendee.
Step 4: Click the share screen within the zoom and share the app with audio.
Step 5: Once you are sharing your screen, all attendees will join and follow the game’s instructions!
Step 6: Have fun! We typically play the Murder Trivia game, good for up to 8 people!

Number 4: Virtual Book Club

Now this one is self-explanatory. You get together with your team and select a book. If you are lucky enough to have the company you work for expense, that’s a bonus!

Get together every two weeks to discuss how you feel about the book. This book doesn’t need to be related to how to help customers or personal development. Pick a fun book that is not work-related!

Number 5: Typing Speed Race Competition!

Alright, I know typing isn’t fun for everyone, but I used to love that Mavis Beacon typing game on the computer decades ago!

Typing speed races are a free online team-building activity that you can do at any time. I am not sure if your team will like it but to Begin, head over to You can post your results on your company teams, slack or instant message platform to get the competition going.

Even with certain applications, you can host a large challenge, including a speed test relay! Where you can build squads within your team!

Number 6: Virtual Dance Party (Highly Recommended)

One of the quickest ways to wake up my team is to host a virtual DJ dance party over zoom. Usually, one person is selected to be the DJ for the month, and they will host a quick 15 minute Dance party!

It is a great time to stand up at your desk and bust a move. Usually, there is a lot of laughing and trust me, and you don’t need to be any type of professional dancer; just move to the beat! It could be a nod of the head or full out. There are no awkward silences because the music is so loud. Keep it high energy, and don’t take yourself so seriously.

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