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What is Inside Sales? What you need to know.

Inside sales, what is it? Who can do it? How do I know if I can move to a sales role? Depending on what type of organization you join, inside sales can be a slightly different role. I will save that for another blog post in the future of the difference between working for a start-up vs a Fortune 500 company.

I started my career after taking marketing in college, and I had no desire to go into sales. When I saw the salary for marketing vs sales, that is what caught my attention. Also, back in early 2012, it was tough to land an entry-level marketing gig. I feel like I didn’t choose to go into sales, but it just happened that way. I do want to tell you, if you have a marketing background or business you can 100% do sales. Also, if you love listening to people or helping people, this role is the most satisfying, as I get to help people every single day.

If you are a student or thinking of doing a career change, there are a few things you should know about inside sales. The last thing I would want you to do is take a job for inside sales and don’t like it!

What is Inside sales?

The most pragmatic definition of inside sales is: Selling remotely. I have heard of many definitions, from virtual selling, professionals selling done remotely, selling phone to phone, etc.

Well, you might be asking what the difference is between Outside Sales vs Inside Sales. Right now, not much: due to the pandemic. The easiest way I can explain it to you is inside sales is the act of identifying, nurturing and turning leads into long-term customers through phone, video, or email or through social selling.

What do Inside Sales Reps Do?

Here are some examples of daily tasks you will have to do at any company for an inside sales job:

  • Build and nurture relationships with customers to establish trust with you and the organization
  • Demonstrating understanding of full product line, able to pitch, propose and quote a solution for the customer
  • Resourceful in finding the correct people within their organization if the customer has additional questions.
  • Work together with marketing, operations and whatever other department may come in contact with your role. (there could be a lot)
  • Working towards their monthly, quarterly goals, including quota, sales calls and other KPIs. Typically in this role, there are several KPIs.
  • Utilize your companies CRM (Customer Relationship Management tool) Entering all sales activities in the tool every time you have a touchpoint with the client
  • Forecasting on a weekly basis to your manager

What do the best Inside Sales reps do? In my Opinion.

All of the above and more!

  • The best inside sales reps are those that never get comfortable. They are consistently coming to their peers, mentors and/or manager asking how to get better.
  • Understand how forecasting works, and able to forecast their business by 70%+
  • Have a positive attitude; content with their role
  • Customers love them, and you hear about it.
  • Helping their peers

I have only been in sales for just over 10 years, I know I have a lot of experts that read/watch my videos. I am wondering what your opinion is on what makes the best inside sales reps? Feel free to comment below and thank you for reading/stopping by!


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