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Tools to Update your CV

Today, I will be discussing how to update your CV at least every year if not bi-annually. If you have never created a CV, then this can also be an excellent post for you.

Every six months, I open up my CV and do a scroll of what I think is still relevant for the job that I want in the future.

I review my old jobs that I have and see if they are still relevant to keep on my CV. In the video, I will show you a few things that I look at, and I will walk you through on how I update CV, content-wise.

Some of the tools that I like to use when building out a CV are below. Feel free to bookmark them as they will not only be useful for the job you want to get, but they will be helpful for your whole career.

Helpful Tools you will want to bookmark

I love the Visual CV. I usually buy a subscription every six months for one month, just to keep it updated, and then within the browser, you can download your CV into a PDF. It’s not the most efficient or cheap way to edit it, but I love the templates. LINK IS HERE

If you can’t afford a subscription, then the next best thing I have used is the CV template on Microsoft Word. You can update your photo and all details without paying to update it every time. There is a bit of a learning curve with the formatting of the template, but its by car the cheapest way to continue updating. LINK IS HERE

The worst thing I have seen on CVs is grammar mistakes. I am sure there are some mistakes in this blog, but the worst thing is to apply for a job and your CV includes errors scattered throughout. I utilize an app called Grammarly that checks my tone, verbs, and all grammatical errors. It has helped me an insane amount of the last few years.

Lastly, this one, I think, is quite essential. Your photo on your CV. This is so important to keep updated. The worst thing is to show up for an interview with a 10-year-old photo on your CV where you look nothing like.

If you live in Montreal and looking for a super fun photographer to take your headshot, I couldn’t recommend Sherina more for the job! I am far from loving my photo taken, but she captures your personality well through her lens.


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