November 2019


Interviews…to love or to hate?

When I was under the age of 18, I used to apply for lots of different types of jobs just to have the practice of doing any type of interview. I remember applying for a job at Urban Planet just to have the experience of what retail was looking for. I was so eager to have as much experience and practice before entering the corporate workforce.

I even participated in the famous Junior Achievement and DECA (business club in high school) to practice business skills to prepare for the rest of my life. Somehow I always knew that business would be something I would want to fall into.

However, this blog is not about practicing for interviews, it’s to almost skip that part and tell you the most important things to get out of an interview as a Candidate.

Participating in interviews for jobs based in Canada, South Africa, Cambodia, Switzerland, etc, has taught me that it doesn’t matter which country you are in all of these five points will be super beneficial where ever you live.